Instructions for sending photos for the website.

If you are hopelessly computer-incompetent, like most TARAs, or don’t have access to a PC and/or scanner, its possible to post the original prints to me for processing. I suggest sending them Recorded Delivery, or whatever its called now, to prevent loss. Once copied they will be returned so don’t forget to include a return address.

Edward McManus
7 Rosehill Gardens

For those able to scan their prints, please do so individually at say 300dpi, I can then optimise them for best results on the site. I suggest a simple naming convention e.g. Fred Bloggs1, Fred Bloggs2 etc.

If possible include a Word document with a simple table where you can include details of the print e.g.

Fred Bloggs1    Camp 1985 – L to R Gnr. Smith, Gnr. Jones, L/Bdr. Wilson etc etc

Fred Bloggs2    Norway 1990 – digging snow holes etc…..   

Its important to include or guess at a date as the photos will be grouped by year.

Then send the images as attachments to:


If there are a considerable number of images they can be sent to the above postal address on a CD or memory stick.

Please feel free to include scans of magazine articles, certificates etc etc.

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